Well, this blog seems to stay abandoned for a while. But now I want to launch a new experiment.

My native language is Russian, but the most interesting things in IT happens in English-speaking community. Writing in Russian means writing only for 1% of potential readers. But I have ideas to share, and I want them to be published.

Starting from this moment, I will try to publish new posts in English! For me, it should be a new motivating challenge, for community, new interesting thoughts (hope so).

A quick overview of further plans:

Q: What kind of content do you want to publish?

Mostly new thoughts and ideas (I do have some), and maybe few translations of old posts in Russian (only for the best ones).

Q: What about comments? Will they appear?

It’s quite possible!

Q: New posts in Russian?

Not sure.

Q: Will you separate Ru and En parts?

Not sure. Only in case it’s requested.